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Information for parents regarding new school arrangements is below. This page will be updated as soon as new information has been processed by school.



Please read lots and lots! Miss Flynn has sent home some topic work.  Also please click here for  EYFS Activities, or Miss Flynn's Home Learning Pack or have a look on BBC Bitesize or PurpleMash buttons below.  HungryLittleMinds has a range of ideas especially for those under 5.


Y1 & Y2

Please read lots and lots! Mrs Garside has sent home some topic work.  Also please click here for  Year 1 Activities  / Year 2 Activities or Mrs Garside's Home Learning Pack have a look on BBC Bitesize or PurpleMash buttons below.  Hartington

Y3 & Y4

Please read lots and lots!  Miss Lucas has sent home some topic work.  Also please click here for  Year 3 Activities  / Year 4 Activities or Miss Lucas's Home Learning Pack have a look on BBC Bitesize or PurpleMash buttons below.


Y5 & Y6

Please read lots and lots! Ms Moore has sent home some topic and other home learning.  Also please click here for  Year 5 Activities  / Year 6 Activities or have a look on BBC Bitesize or PurpleMash buttons below.



Information for Parents

Updated 29th May 2020

Video Teaching/Learning Policy 28.4.2020

Letter to parents from Derbyshire's Director of Public Health 7.4.2020

DfE Key Worker List 20.3.2020

DfE School Closure Guidance 27.3.2020 

Annex to Safeguarding Policy re Covid-19 6.4.2020

29.5.2020  For those parents who are Key Workers (and have already or can provide evidence from their employer), those children deemed Vulnerable and those children with an EHCP, you are now encouraged to send your child/ren to school from June 1st.  Many of you have already replied to text messages or have sent email - thank you for helping us organise this return.  Spaces are limited and if you have asked for a place in the last 10days in response to my text questions, then a place will have been organised.  Some parents do not wish to take this place until later in the month and some parents only need or want certain days of schooling - these situations are fine.

To find out more detail about the return, please read on: 

  • School day: 8.50am to 3.15pm.  No staggered starts for Key Worker groups.
  • Children are to wear any clean t-shirt, comfy trousers and trainers.  No jumpers or coats are expected to be needed in the current weather.  Clean clothes must be worn every day.  If you this means your child can wear school uniform then this is welcome but not essential.  No PE kit is to be brought - children will keep on their clothes in which they arrive, hence the need for comfort and practicality.  
  • Book Bags - do not bring.  A plastic wallet will be given on the first day for transporting reading books.
  • Lunchbox - Ideally lunch should be brought in disposable clean wrapping (tin foil etc) or if in a bag/box, this must be wipeable and/or cleaned daily. 
  • Paying dinner money or other office needs- Mrs Wagstaff will try to be in the playground from 2.45pm each day.  Buzz the office if she is not!  Or you can drop off envelopes in the small red post-box.
  • Arrival - please walk in through the driveway, keeping to your left.  On the first day the children will go straight to their 'bubble' group.
  • Collection at home time - please maintain social distancing.  Wait outside your child's room at the end of the day.  If you need an earlier collection time, please discuss with the relevant teacher.
  • Rooms - The room your child is assigned to may be different to normal (or may not).  For the groups beginning June 1st these have been split as follows: Miss Flynn in Haddon with YR&Y1, Mrs Garside in Hartington with Y2&Y3 and Ms Moore in Hassop with Y4,Y5&Y6.  I must stress numbers are small eg the maximum is 8 children in the larger rooms.  For children beginning in later weeks, the capacity of these rooms may already be full so another group will be started until we run out of space or staff.  The capacity of rooms has been calculated to be able to give a 2m distance to each person. 

If you have any further essential questions which need a reply before Monday, please email me and I will answer over the weekend.

Mrs Parry, 29th May 2020

________________________Text below is superseded by above._____________________

Myself, teachers, support staff and Governors have been working very hard to complete the necessary adaptions for school’s re-opening on June 1st.  This will be confirmed nationally by the Prime Minister on May 28th. 

For now, we can only re-open for more Key Worker children, Vulnerable children and EHCP children.  Currently not all school areas are ready due to a delay in essential hygiene supplies so we cannot extend our provision further until these are in place.  As we are expected to promote social distancing, this means our class capacity is severely reduced.  Additionally, we do not have a full-staff.  Children can attend if they belong to a Key Worker, have an EHCP or are Vulnerable.  We expect to open more widely, for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 on Monday June 8th.

My personal and genuine sympathies go to those parents who had set their sights on an early June return for their Reception, Year 1 or Year 6 children.  To have this taken away must be incredibly disappointing.  Once we are in a position to increase our capacity, we will do so, but we do have to follow national and local guidance.  Unfortunately, this guidance changes rapidly, making planning very difficult.  A member of Hague Bar staff will be contacting these parents before Friday June 5th to discuss.

I must make it clear that we as a staff want to get children back to school.   I know how hard it is for you as mums and dads who are expected to juggle parenting, educating and earning.  Add in personal worries and health issues and we are all feeling at capacity.  School staff have similar issues too.  I know Mrs Garside, Miss Lucas, Miss Flynn and Ms Moore have provided an exceptional educational online service; I once again express my sincere thanks publicly to them.  Teaching Assistants have uncomplainingly worked during the Easter holidays and on short notice.  Mrs Wagstaff has been a pillar of strength during this time and we wouldn’t have been able to operate without her commitment to the school, which has gone far beyond her contractual duties. 

I’ve put together some answers to anticipated queries:

How will school be different?

o   Walking entry is via the driveway entrance (this will be staffed as it is not usually recommended) so people can pass one another at a distance.

o   The children will line up in their year groups but leave a 2m gap (markers).

o   Lunchtimes will be outside, picnic style.  No hot dinners. 

o   Children will be given a pack of equipment for their personal use only.

o   Rooms will have their own cleaning products for enhanced and frequent handwashing routines.

o   Children and staff will be in fixed working groups called ‘bubbles’.

o   There will be no travel thorough the school to get to classrooms – all access is from outside.

How many will be in a class?

We have measured each room and calculated the capacity.  This varies between 4 -10ch per room.

Will my child be with their year group?

This is most likely unless rooms are at capacity and we have to use a second area – in this case the two groups would not be able to mix.

Will my child be in their usual classroom?

This depends on how many children want a place, their age and the capacity of the usual room.  We will do our best to minimise change but it may be necessary. For some children (Y2+Y4) about to ‘go up’ to the next classroom we will be using this as a transition opportunity if possible.

Will my child have their usual teacher?

This is not certain.  As most staff work part-time and we have to cover a full-timetable, plus minimise the change of people within a bubble, there will be times when a teacher is not available.  Also, your usual teacher may be assigned to a different group.  We do not have a full-staff due to shielding.

Will my child have the right work if they are not with the right teacher?

Yes, although our initial priority will be ‘settling’ the children.  Teachers have discussed how work can be issued without a child being in the same room as the year group teacher. 

Will my child be sat at a desk all day?

Teachers have been asked to plan lots of outdoor opportunities.  When inside the classroom children will be asked to respect social distancing.  Desks have been set out separately so the rooms will look different to usual.

Will the children mix from different bubbles at play and lunch times?

They will stay in their bubble even when outside.  The playground will be split into sections and each group given a section.  

My child wants to be in a different bubble.

Once in a particular group then we cannot alter these.

Someone in my child’s bubble has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

In this instance, parents with children in that bubble will be contacted immediately and then will need to collect their children from school and isolate together at home for 2 weeks. This will be the same for the staff members of that particular bubble.

My child is worried about coming back, can I come into school to help them adjust?

Unfortunately, no.  All parents and carers are to stay outside school and maintain social distancing.

I need to speak to the office – how do I do this?

Mrs Wagstaff will be in the playground from 2.45pm each afternoon if you would like to speak to her. Otherwise you may either phone or email.  Please do not come up to the office.

Do I have to send my child?

It is a parental decision.  We will update parents with the new absence rules shortly.

I have two children in different classes – should they go in the same bubble or separate?

Please discuss this with Mrs Parry before June 1st via email or phone.

When will the next assembly be?

We will not be having any assemblies in the hall.  Staff are currently discussing new ways to celebrate children’s achievements whilst adhering to guidelines.  More specifically, a special ‘goodbye’ to Year 6 children is being planned.

What will be the system for changing home/school reading books?

Reading books will be sprayed with antibacterial aerosol before going home and upon return.  Please limit the request for new books to once per week to keep this manageable.

My child is not in any group allowed to return to school. What do I do?

Please keep in contact with your child’s teacher via ClassDojo – this helps us know s/he is ok.  Please continue supporting your child educationally at home via this method.

My child is still at home – will they still have to do work if the teachers are in school?

We are committed to providing education access for each child whether they are at home or school. Teachers will be given time to plan and check their online class although this may be less frequent or lengthy contact than before.

Will it be normal days and hours if my child attends school from June 1st?

8.50am to 3.15pm Monday to Friday.  There are no before or after school clubs due to the risk of cross-contamination between bubbles.

What is the latest Government guidance?

Please see this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/closure-of-educational-settings-information-for-parents-and-carers/reopening-schools-and-other-educational-settings-from-1-june

I don’t need to send my child every day – can I send them on just the days I work?

Yes.  We will be asking parents to complete a form to show their child’s expected attendance patterns.

I have a question which isn't answered here.

Please email headteacher@haguebar.derbyshire.sch.uk


Thank you for your continued support to myself and staff.  I have really appreciated the positive text replies and emails these last couple months.

Rachel Parry 

____________________________Text below is superseded by above_______________________________

I am currently working towards opening for KeyWorker/EHCP/Vulnerable groups from 8.50am-3.15pm Monday to Friday on June 1st, which I fully expect to be achievable.  However YR, Y1 and Y6 groups will not be able to be staffed for full weeks due to the need to keep these children and associated staff completely separate.  For YR, Y1 and Y6, I expect a start date of during the first week of June, but not necessarily on June the 1st.  More information will be given in due course.  We still plan to keep some online support for Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 who will be at home unless those children fit into the KeyWorker/EHCP/Vulnerable group.  

Thank for your patience and support.  There are lots of hurdles to jump but I can assure you that I am working to get the Government selected children back into school as soon as is safely possible.  Mrs Parry,  19th May 2020

_______________________Text below is superseded by above. ___________________________

After Boris Johnson’s announcement on Sunday May 10th , which set out the data markers for schools to re-open, Hague Bar staff are now taking steps for this to happen safely.  

As a school, we have an obligation to keep our children safe and as an employer, we have an obligation to keep staff safe.  My efforts will be focused on meeting both of these requirements.  I am liaising with: our Chair of Governors, Head Teachers from across New Mills and our future colleagues in The True Learning Partnership.  We each want the best for our schools, our children and our communities.

Much of the fine detail is still to be clarified but currently we are only expecting: Reception, Year 1, Year 6, EHCP, Vulnerable and Key Worker children in school first.  I am aware primary schools are also being asked to prepare for all year groups to return for a month before the summer holiday.  These are not straightforward requests.  We have changed once, we need to change again and then once more – all within a few weeks.  

Our preparations will need to accommodate: increased hygiene standards; minimising germ/virus transfer; staff working hours; maximising space; reducing soft fabrics; reducing surfaces needing cleaning; coping with fewer staff; having smaller classes; minimising travel between rooms and many more.  

The DfE guidance mentions very little about the education of children, either at school or at home, but Hague Bar staff will commit to providing quality work options for every Hague Bar Primary School child, whether they are at home or at school. 

Some parents understandably will have questions.  Please can I direct you to this document Guidance for Parents in the first instance.  If your questions are still unanswered, you may email me and I will try to answer your queries. However please know that we still have many unanswered questions ourselves.  

All staff at Hague Bar Primary School would like nothing more than ‘to get back to normal’; I look forward to the day when that is the case.

Mrs Parry


Message from Mrs Parry:  As you will know, school is now closed to all but a few qualifying children, most are to stay at home because this is safest for all. 

Children of Keyworkers (and other qualifying groups)

If you are a Key Worker (or child has a Social Worker or an EHCP etc) and need childcare, Hague Bar Primary school will be available Monday to Friday from 9am until 3pm.  However you must let us know the days or hours you need this provision.  THIS IS NOT A 'DROP IN' SERVICE.  Please email Mrs Parry (only) to arrange this childcare so staff can be organised.  For now, all children attending will need a packed lunch from home and wear sensible clothing.  If your child is in school, they will be expected to remain 2 metres away from other children and staff at all times.  We will not be opening the whole building in order to limit the areas which require cleaning at the end of each day.  Normal lessons will not take place, however a skeleton staff will offer appropriate activities according to the children on site.  If year 5&6 children attend then they will need to bring the work and books issued by Ms Moore. 


There will be at least 1 Teacher and 1 Teaching Assistant during our provision for Key Workers and EHCP/Vulnerable children.  Each staff member has recently qualified in Emergency Paediatric First Aid training plus has current KCSIE knowledge.  The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Parry who will be available daily, as will the Deputy Designated Safeguarding lead Ms Moore.  Please see the Annex to Safeguarding Policy re Covid-19 document above for more detail.

School anticipates that an increasing number of staff will become ill (or need to isolate due to their immediate family becoming ill) therefore provision available at Hague Bar Primary may deplete in the forthcoming weeks.  If it is deemed that we can not operate the school safely, it may become necessary for Hague Bar children to attend an alternative local school.  School will let the Key Worker/EHCP parents know via email if this is the case.

Free School Meal Arrangements

Mrs Wagstaff has secured provision for FSM children.  She will have contacted you via phone if you qualify and told you how this will operate.  Note, this is not the Universal Free School Meals given to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, but is based on income.

Children Working at Home

The work sent home/available online is optional, however at some point the children will return to school; whether this is in one month or six months we do not know, but it is important the children do not lose the skills and knowledge they have worked hard to acquire.  Therefore it would benefit your child to have regular reading, writing and maths activities as a minimum.  Teachers have designed or sourced such activities which can be accessed via this page above, but do connect with them via ClassDojo and show what your child has done.  It is just as important the children stay mentally curious and physically active.   I will post a message on the school's Facebook page regularly during this closure and update this web-page when necessary.

All the staff wish Hague Bar families a healthy, happy and safe period at home.  We look forward to seeing the children and yourselves again once the wider situation has returned to normal. 

Mrs Parry and the Hague Bar Team



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