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Information for parents regarding new school arrangements is below. This page will be updated as soon as new information has been processed by school.



Please read lots and lots! Miss Flynn has sent home some topic work.  Also please click here for  EYFS Activities, or Miss Flynn's Home Learning Pack or have a look on BBC Bitesize or PurpleMash buttons below.  HungryLittleMinds has a range of ideas especially for those under 5.


Y1 & Y2

Please read lots and lots! Mrs Garside has sent home some topic work.  Also please click here for  Year 1 Activities  / Year 2 Activities or Mrs Garside's Home Learning Pack have a look on BBC Bitesize or PurpleMash buttons below.  



Y3 & Y4

Please read lots and lots!  Miss Lucas has sent home some topic work.  Also please click here for  Year 3 Activities  / Year 4 Activities or Miss Lucas's Home Learning Pack have a look on BBC Bitesize or PurpleMash buttons below.


Y5 & Y6

Please read lots and lots! Ms Moore has sent home some topic and other home learning.  Also please click here for  Year 5 Activities  / Year 6 Activities or have a look on BBC Bitesize or PurpleMash buttons below.



Information for Parents

Updated 6th April 2020

DfE Key Worker List 20.3.2020

DfE School Closure Guidance 27.3.2020 

Annex to Safeguarding Policy re Covid-19


As you will know, school is now closed to all but a few qualifying children.  Please bear with us whilst we are reacting to the new requirements from Government.  The main message is very clear though: children are to stay at home if they can, because this is safest for all. 

Children of Keyworkers and other qualifying groups

If you are a Key Worker (or child has a Social Worker or an EHCP etc) and need childcare, Hague Bar Primary school will be available Monday to Friday from 9am until 3pm.  However you must let us know the days or hours you need this provision.  THIS IS NOT A 'DROP IN' SERVICE.  Please email Mrs Parry (only) to arrange this childcare so staff can be organised.  For now, all children attending will need a packed lunch from home and wear sensible clothing.  If your child is in school, they will be expected to remain 2 metres away from other children and staff at all times.  We will not be opening the whole building in order to limit the areas which require cleaning at the end of each day.  Normal lessons will not take place, however a skeleton staff will offer appropriate activities according to the children on site.  If year 5&6 children attend then they will need to bring the work and books issued by Ms Moore. 

Safeguarding during skeleton staffing

There will be at least 1 Teacher and 1 Teaching Assistant during our provision for Key Workers and EHCP/Vulnerable children.  Each staff member has recently qualified in Emergency Paediatric First Aid training plus has current KCSIE knowledge.  The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Parry who will be available daily, as will the Deputy Designated Safeguarding lead Ms Moore.  Please see the Annex to Safeguarding Policy re Covid-19 document above for more detail.

School anticipates that an increasing number of staff will become ill (or need to isolate due to their immediate family becoming ill) therefore provision available at Hague Bar Primary may deplete in the forthcoming weeks.  If it is deemed that we can not operate the school safely, it may become necessary for Hague Bar children to attend an alternative local school.  School will let the Key Worker/EHCP parents know via email if this is the case.

Free School Meal Arrangements

Mrs Wagstaff has secured provision of a packed lunch for FSM children.  She will have contacted you via phone if you qualify and told you how these should be collected and discussed options for over Easter.  Note, this is not the Universal Free School Meals given to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, but is based on income.

Children Working at Home

The work sent home/available online is optional.  However at some point the children will return to school; whether this is in one month or six months we do not know, but it is important the children do not lose the skills and knowledge they have worked hard to acquire.  Therefore it would benefit your child to have regular reading, writing and maths activities as a minimum.  Teachers have designed or sourced such activities which can be accessed via this page above, but do connect with them via ClassDojo and show what your child has done.  It is just as important the children stay mentally curious and physically active.   A particular recommendation for all ages is a physical work out each weekday at 9am lead by Joe Wicks.  Family time suggestions: play board games, cook, plant seeds, weed the garden, bake, learn to knit, sketch the view, make birthday cards, learn basic greetings in a new language, have a family Lego building day.....there are so many opportunities to make this a positive time at home.   Mrs Parry will post a message on the school's Facebook page regularly during this closure.

Both current and previous staff, wish all Hague Bar families a healthy, happy and safe period at home.  We look forward to seeing the children and yourselves again once the wider situation has returned to normal. 

Mrs Parry and the Hague Bar Team



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